Mangalis Job Families

Job Families


Depending on your very own personal preferences, education, professional experience and individual objectives, you will want to give priority to this or that job!

Front of the house

We call ‘Front of the house’ all positions that deal directly with guests, days in and days out. In order to be a Front of the house TeamMate, you need to have a friendly and caring personality, and you must enjoy dealing with all sorts of people from a countless variety of horizons and cultures. Because our hotels never close, as a Front of the house team member you will be asked to work various shifts, including nights, weekends and bank holidays.

At Front of the house, you may choose to work as:

  • Front office clerk
  • Valet
  • Bellman
  • Restaurant waiter
  • Bar-tender

Back of the house

Guests almost never see TeamMates working in the Back of the house. Nevertheless, they are not less important than those colleagues being part of the Front of the house. Back of the house team members are the invisible hands that ensure that guests get everything they need, beyond their best possible standards, and that from booking their stay all the way until they leave the hotel, their experience is such a fully enjoyable one that they wish to repeat it again and again.

As part of the Back of the house, you may wish to work as:

  • Information Technology officer
  • Engineering
  • Kitchen
  • Housekeeping
  • Laundry
  • Accounting
  • Reservation
  • Telephone operator


Mangalis is all about team work. At the head of each one of our teams, small or big, you will find a real leader; someone who knows how to inspire their TeamMates to always go further to please our guests and colleagues, so that we work in the most enjoyable environment possible while ensuring, when not exceeding, our customers satisfaction. If you feel like that you have what it takes to be a motivational leader, you will want to become one of our…

  • General Manager
  • Hotel Manager
  • Executive Manager
  • Head of department
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