Hotel Development

Fostering Talent and Environmental Sustainability

The Mangalis Hotel Group is currently managing and developing 13 hotels in 9 countries that cater to different target audiences and price brackets. 

With the aim of becoming the largest, African-born hospitality group, the group plans to have 13 fully operative hotel properties in Africa by the end of 2022 2019, with further developments foreseen in the future.

Development Pipeline

Seen Hotel Assinie

Ivory Coast Assinie-Mafia

Yaas Hotel Abidjan Airport

Ivory Coast Abidjan


Are you planning to develop a hotel? Looking for a modern, reliable and efficient hotel operator?


We know that building a hotel can be a costly, complex and financially risky process.

Mangalis actively implements its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) ethos in all its activities.

Our team is strongly committed to implementing Fair Trade policies and building and renovating our properties in accordance with Green Hotels guidelines. 

We also work hard to foster and facilitate the development of local talent and support entrepreneurship.

The four pillars of our CSR programme are:

1.    Talent Growth
2.    Responsible Purchasing
3.    Unique environmental standards
4.    Entrepreneurial support